Friday, February 26, 2016

The Bible According To Hollywood- T.A McMahon of the Berean Call

The Bible According To Hollywood is a great presentation from T.A. McMahon from the The Berean Call ministry, about the recent surge of "Bible Based" productions. Thankfully, a Christian who is equally concerned about why miss representing the Bible in Hollywood isn't a great thing at all. Sadly, there have been many Christian leaders who have promoted and endorsed these productions.
They believe it is at least something about the Bible, that maybe it will get people reading the Bible.
That of course could happen, God can use anything to spur us to open His Word.  However, these productions are so blasphemous and distorted, it causes more concern than hopefulness.
When we checked them out for research purposes, knowing they are Hollywood born, we are aware that they will not be biblically accurate. In fact, we only watch them so we can critique them to know just how much  they are misinterpreting the Bible and warn those who want to know about them.
Tragically, there are many naive viewers who will watch these productions and assume that what is on the screen, is how it all happened. That is a valid concern. Not for those who understand there is Truth and separate fiction from Truth, but for those who have no idea about how badly these Hollywood versions are just that, Hollywood versions.
There are some presentations we haven't watched yet, like AD,  because after what we have seen so far, it hurts our hearts too much,  to see how much God's Truth is being twisted and then promoted and endorsed by Christian leaders.
Anyway, enough from me, check out this excellent presentation below, The Bible According to Hollywood.

The Bible According To Hollywood