Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Abortion Caravan?

In light of the recent tour campaign called the "New Abortion Caravan," sponsored by the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, cruising through our Canadian streets, I felt it was a good time to share this.
First of all, we appreciate the intent of the above project. In no way shape or form, do we endorse any kind of abortion, for any reason at any stage of pregnancy. However, upon viewing the actual caravan and the images displayed on the exterior of the vehicle, we must state that we were rather disturbed by what we saw. We completely understand the intent of their mission and that many, do not know the truth about how abortions are performed or understand that human life really does begin at conception. By presenting graphic images of aborted children for all to see as they cruise through town. In our opinion, is irresponsible to the very ones they are trying to save and protect.
After reading the comments of fellow citizens, in our local media sources, it was very clear that we are not alone regarding our concerns. As we feared, horrified parents wrote about their young ones having nightmares, after these images had been viewed, violating their children's young minds. Some parents also stating that they found themselves being asked questions about the images, but the children were far too young to know the truth of what they represented.
It is fair to mention that, we who already are very aware of the truth of abortion, can not look at the photographs for obvious reasons. But our main concern is the well being of impressionable young minds. We feel it is not appropriate to basically force everyone to view these poor murdered babies. Making the information available, including graphic images is important, but children must be considered, when creating such campaigns.
As for an effective method, it is a known fact, that the  more we are exposed to graphic images, movies, books, etc. the more our minds become numbed to the original effects. The images of murdered children are not something we want anyone to ever become ambivalent about.
One commenter, in defense of this project, stated that the justification for such images to be so blatantly presented is that, “If something is so horrific we can’t stand to look at it, perhaps we shouldn’t be tolerating it.” To that we would respond with, "We do not tolerate it, not one bit. But, as much as we don't, it does not negate our responsibility to protecting the minds of our children and our choice to not look at such photos. Two wrongs, never make a right."
On that note, we say, yes, the truth about abortion should be made known. And yes, we must do what we can to take a stand to protect the innocent, but that also goes for the innocent ones that have been born among us already.
A Time And Place
All that being said, there definitely is an appropriate method, time and a place when the tragic truth about abortion, needs to be presented with graphic images. I will tell you why in the next post...