Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We Live What We Believe...Right?

We may live in Canada, but the American presidential race is just as much a part of our daily lives as our own politics, after all, every Canadian news broadcast, provides us with a steady diet of American politics, especially as the big day approaches.

On that note, it therefore seems appropriate to share this.
The chill up my spine started when we first learned that Mitt Romney was a Mormon... What does that have to do with anything you ask? Well, let's first dis-pell the myth that what you believe in (faith wise) has no impact on anything regarding politics. What you believe in has everything to do with who you are and what you stand for and yes, ultimately, shines out through all you say and do. I say this as one who follows Jesus Christ and believe it or not, I was once was recruited to run as a candidate, in the 1995 Ontario Provincial election. No, I am not a politician, but as someone who believes it is important to speak up for certain issues such as, the protection of ALL human life and the sanctity of marriage as God designed it to be according to God's Holy Word - I would often write letters to editors of newspapers, magazines as well as our national radio station. Turned out someone was listening and out of the blue one day in my mail box, was a letter asking if I would consider running for the Family Coalition Party. Even though at that time in my life, I had never really watched even local news and knew zilch about politics, this gracious man, said that they wanted me to run based on the morals and ethics that I believed in so passionately. I guess he felt he knew me enough, through the words that he read in those letters to the editor.

Shocked that this could be asked of me, I said yes. I assume, embarrassed, my family watched as I actually got to participate as an official candidate in our provincial election. I knew I didn't stand a chance at getting in, but just knowing we stood for all that I knew God wanted me to stand for, was worth the opportunity.  Besides, how often do you get asked to be a political candidate! Maybe, just one person would listen and consider the facts.

In Ontario, we only had thirty days to campaign our brains out and that was it. Public Debates, door to door brochure distribution, lawn signs and even television interviews were all a part of my thirty day whirlwind political experience. So thankful that we don't do the never-ending campaigning like our neigbours down south. Needless to say, as a politician for a very short time, being anything less than the sum of what my faith in Jesus Christ meant to me, was all I could be. What my faith was/is mattered then and matters now.

The point of bringing all that up was to affirm that what a candidate believes in does matter because we live out what we believe. When a candidate refuses to answer a question regarding their beliefs, that does not reflect the truth about who they are. We can't live dual lives as Christians, so it is only "normal" that we are excited and willing to discuss our views. After all our views reflect what God teaches us in His Word. Well they should...

As a Christian, if I supported issues that are contrary to the Word of God, that would make me a hypocrite - it would be fair for others to question the legitimacy of my faith. Why? Because to live contrary to what we believe would mean,  living a lie. If I don't live truthfully, with honour and integrity every moment, then may God deal with me as He sees fit.

It isn't a secret that Mitt Romney is a Mormon. That is his choice. As you can see, if you check out the links below, we definitely know, contrary to the claims, that Mormonism is not a Christian doctrine. Knowing that, what concerns my husband and I, are the Christians who seem blinded to what this man  is representing. As we witness,  public figures that we believe are Christians, support this candidate just because he is a Republican and/or because he supports what true believers in Christ is clear that the truth about what Mormonism is all about just doesn't come into play. No doubt, they have heart warming family focused commercials. They support life and "traditional" marriage, but, that doesn't mean as believers in Christ, we are to support Mormonism. What this man believes, he will live out. He rarely answers questions regarding his beliefs and that alone is a huge pause for concern.

We are told in the Bible that many will come in His Name and yet He will separate them. Just because people say they are Christians, it doesn't mean they are. We can know the Truth.

Check out these articles:

It was actually an article today, that prompted this posting:  CNN (click here) Sadly, Billy Graham, representing his association, stated that they will officially no longer be referring to Mormonism as a cult. That statement definitely caused us to realize that Christians need to become more informed and to pray for all who are under deception. The Mormons and all humans are loved by God and we are to share his love. But, we need to be clear minded and know what is True Christianity.

For any one interested in learning the truth about what Mormonism really is all about, here is a list of video collections. It is worth being informed and to take the warnings in God's Word to "test the spirits." Be not deceived and pray for all, that they may know thee Truth of Jesus Christ.

Jhn 14:1 KJV - Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in Me.  Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me.
Jhn 14:7 KJV - If ye had known Me, ye should have known my Father also: and from henceforth ye knowHim, and have seen Him.

Video research list on Mormonism:

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