Friday, October 30, 2015

Christians and Halloween And Hear From An Ex Witch

More than twenty years ago when I first became a Christian, I never gave October 31st a second
thought. No, I didn't like the death themed decorations and costumes, but it was the time when cute children got to look even cuter in costumes. In fact, I did it as a child and continued trick or treating.
Even after the city I lived in, when I was about 4 or so, had reports of poisoned kiss candies and razor blades in apples. And that was the late 60s, early 70s! Going out begging for candy, continued in our family and later we handed it out. It just meant for some, that you would get your pillow case of goodies x-rayed at the hospital or you would only go to the homes of those you knew. No problem.

When I first believed, Halloween never changed for me. That wasn't until my old church got a new pastor, about a year after I first believed in Jesus Christ. Thankfully, this Pastor had a heart for the Truth and making sure his flock knew it. He passed out pamphlets and hung a poster in our church telling us that October 31st, wasn't what we thought. One line I will never forget on the hand outs was about how there were over 12 satan worshipping cults in the city we lived in. A city with a population of only 120, 000. He said they could be men in business suites, people we would never think of as worshipping satan. The internet wasn't available for research back then. So I trusted what I was told and read a book about the truth behind Halloween, a friend loaned me. Once I knew that October 31st was a "sacred" day to witches, warlocks, satanists, and others, I could never look at it as no big deal again. Our College and Career Bible study group that year, spent the 31st,  praying for the children and such that night. It was a whole new revelation to many of us. Being Christians, it made sense that we wouldn't want anything to do with Halloween, including celebrating it in any form. Thankfully, our pastor didn't even do what some churches do, an alternative to the festivities, such as a Harvest festival. Nope, no acknowledgement at all. In light of what I had learned, I felt impassioned to let others know what I once, didn't know.
Watch this Video:  A Former Witch Speaks about Halloween and Christians

Assuming all Christians who heard the real meaning of Halloween, not just historically, but what  it means today, in 2015...human and animal sacrifices, celebrations of death and evil,  that it is still a "sacred" day to witches, satanists, pagans, and others along the same vein. That they would want to flee from whatever has the appearance of darkness and evil, such as Halloween or All Hallows Eve. Well, not so. Unfortunately, years ago when I did have the internet to share information, I passed on articles and quotes from Christians who wanted people to know the truth of what many of us were still going along with. Instead of silence or positive feedback, some who said they were believers, were very offended by the words I shared, being told Halloween was a celebration of death and such. At that time, I foolishly allowed fear of offending others, to rule over my once open manner of sharing articles on sites like Facebook.

Looking back, I know that I was giving into Satan's strategy in the spiritual realm to intimidate and try to cause Christians to basically keep their mouths shut. In fact, one of the number one statements I have heard from some believers over my 20 plus years of trying to be a Christian watchman, sharing information about topics like Halloween, false prophet/teachers in the name of Christianity, and facts about false religions and cults, has been..."Don't judge, we're not suppose to judge."

That statement is not biblical, in the sense that is and has been used. In fact we are warned in God's Word many many times about testing the spirits to see if they are from God, to warn others, warnings about false teachers and people being lead astray and how we are to tell fellow believers if they are sinning to help them repent...of course we must take the plank out of our own eye before making any judgment calls. In no way do we make judgments about Heaven or Hell, that is God's call. And in no way are we to judge unbelievers and their actions because they don't know any better. But as far as Christian brothers and sisters go, we are accountable to God and each other. Being part of His Body, with Jesus as the Head, we are to admonish, encourage, help each other,  and so much more.
The judgment we are to give is more like a referee call. Not declaring damnation or anything, but making a call if something is right or not. Making a call about a holiday as obviously dark as Halloween. Through others, God helped me to make my call about October 31st, among other "sacred" days of the year. In no way do I look down on anyone who doesn't think like me. I only share this video below and my thoughts because it feels like the right thing to do. You know how when you know something is wrong, but you choose to go along with it anyway. And then God disciplines you, you feel yucky, convicted and just plain not right? Well, by not sharing what I have learned about days like Halloween, I would feel like I compromised again.

What you believe and what you do with information you receive is up to you of course. It is between you and God. I am accountable for every word I say. It just breaks my heart to see the darkness and death surrounding this season, and then to see Christians brush it off and embrace it like it is just another fun holiday. I get that children have no idea and want to join in. But we must protect our children. There is a battle raging on in the spiritual realm.
the battle isn't in the physical but in the unseen world. If you are one who chooses to laugh and ignore anything negative about Halloween. It's your choice. You are loved no matter what. Just please look more closely at the "fruit" Halloween produces...movies, death related decorations and costumes, horror/haunted house tours, all things creepy being can we accept that as children of the Light? Just something to consider.

Watch this Video:  A Former Witch Speaks about Halloween and Christians