Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I Am Listening to the New Living Translation Audio Bible

As an artist, my hands are generally busy creating. Something that I
find valuable is listening to audio Bibles. I know before I was talking about the whole, "which english translation is best," debate and the King James was winning out at the time. But since then, I am here to say that as of now, I believe God has provided His preserved perfect Word. Regardless of the translation, as long as they all have the same heart or meaning, then it is good to read. English wasn't even around when the earliest Biblical manuscripts were penned by God through men. So I have given up the battle and all the anxiety that was stirring within, worrying about doing the right thing. It is great to read the KJV, if you can understand it. But, so are many other (not all) translations. In fact the one I am about to share, the New Living Translation, apparently is a paraphrase. So even though I love the flow of words and ease of comprehension, I know I need to keep it next to a literal or official translation. In fact if I really want to dig deep, a good idea, I use www.blueletterbible.com. The have all kinds of translations along with Greek and Hebrew lexicons and Strongs concordance. Then we can look up the meanings of words in the original language. 

I know some will not be too happy hearing that the KJV only debate is no longer a debate for me, but that is okay. It is between each of us and God. In fact, what came to mind a few weeks ago, to help affirm my latest conclusions was about how the Word was God ...
[Jhn 1:1-2 KJV] 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 The same was in the beginning with God.

To me, Iit became clear that God's Word is God Himself, the paper on which it is written isn't more important that the heart of God's Words, the meaning of His Words to us. That His Word is more about the Spirit of His Word. There are far more languages that Old English, and therefore I trust that God makes sure all who want, can read His perfect, preserved Word. I do warn about some of the newest "Bibles" that are totally removing genders and making God a "She" as well as removing any references to homosexuality being sinful. We are warned about false teaching. 

On that note, here is a new NLT dramatized audio Bible I am listening to, while I work. Thought you might be interested. There are also audio bibles on the Blue Letter Bible website.