Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Check Out The Giant skeletons around the world,  that line up with the Bible
being uncover worldwide Genesis 6
Thought while I was sharing some channels or Christian Watcher type channels that I would continue with sharing some other Christian Alternative Media, Prophecy, Apologetic Type Channels. I have linked up each heading with a link to either the person's channel above one of their Youtube Channels. 
Learn What CERN is and Means
When I spend my days making art, every day I make playlists and watch/listen to a huge range of topics.  More of my time is spent listening to these videos. You may do the same thing. Just know that I am sharing these because I have checked them out. Again, remember, always listen to God's Word, God, first and foremost. A lot of these folks make YouTube channels their number one occupation. If you didn't know
already, many of us can earn income from the advertising revenue on these channels. It means we get to do what we really love doing and be able to earn a living at the same time. In no way am I there, I have a few blogs and one channel with 56 Subscribers :o) - those who have way more subscribers and blogs with hits and clicks, help them to earn a enough to help them dedicate their lives to presenting useful information to the rest of us. I don't do these kinds of videos, I only like watching and promoting them because I find them beneficial and interesting.
In no way does it mean that my husband or I endorse fully, every single word, conclusion, or theory that you may hear from these folks. But we do know, as far as we can tell, they are fellow believers! So if you are interested in having more Christian produced programs to listen to or watch, check out the links below.
I am having a difficult time finding Christian Alternative media channels. If you know of any, please comment below.
If there are questions, thoughts, or special requests, please comment below. We'd love to hear from you. That includes prayer requests.
L.A. Marzulli on SkyWatch About the Nephilim, The Watchers

Good Fight Ministries Pastor Joe Schimmel
Lisa Haven
Face Like The Sun Documentary- Age Of Deceit
CernWatch PlayList

SkyWatch TV News
Interview Info Warrior with Fritz Springmeier
Chris White