Sunday, December 18, 2016

view From A Christian: Videos Produced By Brother David Bass of Round Saturns Eye - His View On Donald Trump Thus Far

David Bass, a Christian from the UK, who produces some very informative videos about symbology, the New World Order, Illuminati.... all with from Biblical perspective has a few interesting videos to consider regarding recent events in our neighbouring country America. We are sharing this to offer another possible consideration regarding current events.
I share these because personally, I struggle with wanting to know what God's will is and to be alert and aware as we see Biblical prophecy continuing to unfold. Yes, there are many channels and  sites dealing with such topics but we feel based on what we have witnessed, that this particular channel is "safe" and reliable from a Biblical perspective. It is important to share sites we feel may help encourage as well as warn others on  behalf of our God.
This is intended to be a resource we recommend as Christians. Always trust Gd above any person and seek His Word and discernment in all things.

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