Friday, January 18, 2013

Know Your Enemy video series parts 20-28 Mark Fairley

Here are more videos, continuing the excellent study series from a Christian, Biblical perspective about the coming new world order. It was produced by Mark Fairley of the "Fuel Project." We are very interested in "conspiracy theories" and proving or disproving which ones are true and which ones are false. This series a great presentation that contains many parts. Thankfully, each segment was broken into about ten minute sections. It can be used in Bible Studies or what we do, just play it while we work  at home.
As with all teachers and pastors, always pray about what you read and hear, making sure the words from Biblical teachers line up with God's Word. And remember never to take one section of the Bible to say, ah ha, that isn't in the Bible! We need to take the Bible as a whole unit. It isn't meant to be broken up to fit what our itching hears want to hear. Just a good reminder. There was a time when I would hang on to the teachings of humans, assuming every word they said had to be true and from God. I found out the hard and painful way, that even the most well meaning leaders teach things, they still may not be correct.
This section addresses the history of the Catholic church and the truth about it's roots. This information has been proven and declared by other apologists and Biblical teachers, not just Mr.Farley.
On that note enjoy Mark's presentation...