Tuesday, April 12, 2016

THE FUEL PROJECT GUIDE: REVELATION: teaching series. Parts #5 Through To #13

We've been slowly watching/listening to more great Fuel Project endeavours by Mark Fairley. Here are some more videos in his Revelation Teaching Series. So far so Good

Check out all that God is doing through this young man. Click here - Mark Fairley's Fuel Project.

Description Taken from his website: 
In this introduction to the new series on Revelation, we explore the rise of Christian persecution in the world today. "

CLICK BELOW TO begin Viewing Part #6 through #13 of Mark's REVELATION teaching series.

Part 6 - The Second Seal - The Rise Of War 

Part 7 - The Third Seal - Economic Collapse & Famine 

Part 8 - The Fourth & Fifth Seals - Death

Part 9: The 6th Seal - The Transition From Tribulation To Wrath 

Part 10 - The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Theory

Part 11 - Three Points

Part 12 - Attention Turns Back To Israel

Part 13 - The Seventh Seal - Preparations For The Day of Wrath