Saturday, February 4, 2017

Changed Lives: Muslims See Jesus!

I don't have the words to speak for these dear people. Even if you aren't a Muslim or and Athiest, or non-Christian, watch and listen to this incredible testimony. I believe these testimonies will not only encourage and offer The Sure Hope of Jesus Christ, to all who are following Allah/Mohammad, but also encourages those of us who are Christ followers, stirring your heart to reach out in love to all people. I know how judgemental and critical some Christians can be toward non-believers, even shunning them. May we have the heart of Christ to reach out with open hearts and arms to a hurting world. There is a world who need us to show the love of Jesus Christ shown through us. 
Unless God speaks to their hearts and intervenes supernaturally, with no Christians present, yes,  if you met Afshin Javid, that can happen, but generally God loves through other Christians.
We Can Never Be Good Enough
I say this as someone who once believed that I wasn't good enough to become a Christian. That is often the impression Christians can give to those around them. Thankfully, I and others like many of the lives you meet, God makes sure we are made aware that Jesus Christ, by choice - out of absolute Love for us!- came down from his Heavenly home, lived, and suffered and was beaten, and crucified, being without sin, fully God and fully human, took the consequences of our sins upon himself because, we could never be good enough to earn God's favour. The las were given by God thousands of years ago, but we all fall short. He knew those from long ago, those who were and those of us who were to come in the future.  He resurrected from the dead on the third day! He obtained for us new Life, absolute, forgiveness, holiness, and freedom from captivity and eternal life with Him.
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