Sunday, January 29, 2017

SHARING TIME: "Shocking: Did you see the Prayer at the Inauguration? Warning to all Christians" and More

Before I share what is on my heart, I just want to post this excellent video by brother Wayne Levi Price. After weeks of struggling with all that has been happening in America, we just "happened" to stumble across this video today that sums up EXACTLY what's been running through my head. Ask my husband....anyway, watch the video here, then if you want you can read my thoughts. I think what Price says is very pertinent to where we are at in the Biblical prophecy time period. Watch and pray!

These days for me personally, have been challenging times, trying to know what is from God and what is not, as the new American President Donald Trump seemingly, bull dozes through his new position. Sorry, but that is the word that comes to mind. No, I am not taking a stand against him or anything,  the rant from Canada that I did a while ago still applies. Since we live in a democracy, I accept the results.  I do trust that God allows whoever He wants, for His purpose. Personally, I was just  relieved Hillary didn't win and mainstream media was exposed for what it is.

We do a lot of research watching and reading alternate media (please don't believe everything you see on the mainstream media channels that we all grew up with), learning to think and question - research and most of all seek God's Truth and guidance. 
We are warned in God's Word about being deceived, about what to watch for in these end times and then to Watch and Pray. Not just pray, but WATCH AND PRAY!

[Luk 21:36 NLT] 36 Keep alert at all times. And pray that you might be strong enough to escape these coming horrors and stand before the Son of Man."

Donald Raised On The Power Of Positive Thinking...Learn The Truth
Here is another video that addresses some inauguration Trump topics by brother Paul Flynn. Very interesting....
If you watched the inauguration, it was undeniable that the name of Jesus was mentioned more than we had ever heard in any secular ceremony before. Initially it is refreshing and encouraging, but it stops there because many people and beings,  Satan included can quote words and Bible Scripture. He speaks through people all the time, leading them to deceive people so they will avoid anything but the Truth. Be cautious, there are many folks in our world who may quote the right words and even do what we believe are morally the right things. BUT, it doesn't automatically mean they are a believer or it is God's Truth. A good example of people being deceived by words or acts, would be the loved ones we know who believe the song called "Hallelujah," from Leonard Cohen, is a great song to sing as a worship song. I won't get into the lyrics here, you can check it out yourself. But the point is this song has nothing to do with what Hallelujah means. It is about adultery and other such. Lovely melody for sure, alluringly lovely...but here is what Hallelujah means: "God Be Praised!" 
What is the point, watch and pray! Be ready! 

In Conclusion, don't get me wrong, just because I am really struggling with Trump being a believer in Christ or not, and the exuberant enthusiasm of some Christians who believe Trump is the hope for America because he has taken down pagan symbols, installed a cross in the chapel, and such in the White House and has stopped all of Obama's daily mandatory silence times for Islam and other religions for the entire Whitehouse. I am aware that only God knows if Trump is born again or not, and we pray for his salvation and growth, accordingly. I just feel it is important to enjoy with caution, what appears to be a bit of a reprieve from the guaranteed persecution we are warned about in the Bible that is to come to all who love Jesus Christ.  Yes,  have defended Trump when I hear people spew out comments that misconstrue what was actually said, I would do that for anyone including Mrs. Clinton.

Hang on tight to Jesus. Know His Word better than anything else, then you can spot deception as easily as an elephant in a room!